Outreach & Enrichment Program

Music Helps will be partnering with Helping Hand Home in Austin, Texas to offer a music outreach and enrichment program for the children and staff of the home. Helping Hand is a childrens home for children suffering with severe trauma. The home provides a nurturing and therapeutic home for children with a goal to restore each child to a healthy family setting. Their goal is to protect and restore the lives of victimized children, so that those without hope can reclaim their futures. 

 Music Helps trauma will be offering the childrens home a music program that will consist of a monthly concert series on the last Wednesday of each month. The series will consist of performances from local Austin musicians offering a 45 minute show. The concerts will be a versatile eclectic mix of music with a goal to inspire, enrich and offer healing to all that listen.

Third Concert

First Concert

Coupled with this will be a 6 week music lesson program for 20 children from the home. The music lessons will specifically catered for the unique needs of each individual child. We will be focusing on building trust and friendship through creativity resulting in healing progress for trauma. We want to offer a mentorship program that taps into songwriting, singing, playing, listening, drawing, and more. Creativity is such a healing tool and we believe music is a beautiful vessel for this and think it will have a powerful on the children at Helping Hand Home.

To begin we will be offering options to learn guitar, piano, drums, bass & vocals, songwriting lessons & dance and movement lessons. This will happen once a week for a 1 hour session on the premises of Helping Hand Home. The aim will be to aid the children at the home access the healing tools using creativity alongside offering employment opportunities for local musicians.

Become A Music Helper!

Music Helps offers outreach programs that utilize the healing and enrichment benefits of music. We currently partner with Helping Hand Home to deliver concerts using local Austin musicians to bring the healing power of music to children affected by trauma. We would love to partner with you to spread the healing magic of music.