Music Helps Trauma

Music Helps will be partnering with Helping Hand Home in Austin, Texas to offer a music outreach and enrichment program for the children and staff of the home. This program will consist of monthly musical concerts provided by local ATX musicians & also be coupled with a 6 week creative mentoring program. Providing healing through music for those suffering from trauma while offering employment opportunities for local musicians.

Music Helps Women

Music Helps Women will provide an artistic development program to encourage to encourage women in leadership roles with in the music industry. Nurturing our female artists to achieve their potential and fulfill their purpose in music and beyond. Our aim is to provide unique and individual career plans for each female artist that are realistic and create longevity in their music career. 

Become A Music Helper!

Music Helps offers outreach programs that utilize the healing and enrichment benefits of music. We currently partner with Helping Hand Home to deliver concerts using local Austin musicians to bring the healing power of music to children affected by trauma. We would love to partner with you to spread the healing magic of music.